2023 Hair Trends: Asymmetric Pixie to Fluttery Butterfly Cut A Shift from Messy To Low Maintenance, Statement Haircut

January 22, 2024
2023 has so far proven to be foundation for embracing individuality and unleashing that inner artist. The pursuit of self-expression has brought bold, carefree, yet composed personalities to the front, and what better reflection of this than adorning a wide range of hairstyles, trending from sleek sophistication to effortlessly undone charm.

Speaking to our in-house celebrity stylists at Myrah, we have stitched together a trending-2023 hairstyle guide for you, haircuts and styles that will continue to take all over social media, and are a fusion of timeless elegance and avant-garde experimentation. We will delve into a tapestry of head-turning styles, a reflection of ever-changing landscape in the world of fashion and beauty.


Pixies come in all sorts of shapes, lengths, colors, and textures. They are the most-sought hairstyle in 2023, more so than ever. A classic haircut shorter and tapered on the back side, and is usually combined with wispy bangs (we will explore this later). 

This fuss-free haircut has been a 360-personality game changer, and is loved by women all the way through 80s. Be sure to check out pastel pixies for a dramatic beauty shift.

Butterfly Cut

The butterfly haircut is a layered style with wispy, feathered ends that resemble the delicate wings of a butterfly. It typically features shorter layers framing the face and longer layers cascading down the back, creating a soft and feminine look.  This haircut is most sought by pretty mermaid lengths. The haircut adds movement, texture, and a touch of whimsy to any hairstyle. 

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bobs are getting a modern and chic twist, creating stunning texture for thinning hair. The layers add a bulkier effect, making the tresses appear fuller. Youth is opting for shaggy bobs, next to wispy bangs, and are playing around this haircut, suiting their taste. One may add layers, blunt bangs, and more, or pair this with curtain bangs and blonde highlights too.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are the fringe pick of the year. They have been making a huge comeback, with the enchanting touch of mystery, dancing upon your forehead. These bangs are different from curtain bangs, framing your eyes with a delicate allure.
These feathery strands create an ethereal and dreamy look, adding a hint of whimsy to your style. They are sworn to suit every face shape and hair length. Ask your stylist to chop longer pieces to frame your face.
The key to this haircut is to have your fringe longer on the sides than in the middle, bringing attention to the face.

Wavy Lob Cut

The lob cut brings a romantic look to the table, with an exhilarating sense of freshness and versatility to your style. It offers a perfect balance between short and long hair length. Adding the mischievous touch of wavy hair, face-framing bangs, and some subtle highlights is a short cut to modern, chic appeal.
The lob is a thrilling choice that exudes confidence and captures attention wherever you go.

Beachy Wave

What better than the good old gold? Stylists vouch on this classic hairstyle, even when you go weeks without hair wash. The waves are even better when worn out. Beachy waves are that bombshell hairstyle that looks effortless and is never out of style. It is the best of all seasons and settings.
Pick tousled blonde curls, subtle ombre to complete your carefree, woke-up-like-this look!

Long Curtain Bangs

Why must everyone go short when you can wear long hair equally beautifully! Long curtain bangs is a minimalist haircut style for women, and a classiest one. They have been the 2023-starter pack for growing the bangs out.
The blunt cut reflects light nicely and feels smooth to the touch. Go sleek and straight.

Sleek, Snatched Ponytail

While talking about haircuts, sometimes it is just best to have a well-done simple hairstyle. Scrolling through social media, or following celeb blogs, it is clear that the ‘snatched-sleek” ponytail is having its moment.
Be it a nostalgic nudge back to 60’s fashion or a hack to tighten and lift the forehead, it has been clear that the high ponytail truly resonates with women across all demographics.

Midi Flick Haircut

Drop that flat iron, and let some bounce back into your life. Seeing the recent return to the ‘90s in the fashion world, we aren’t surprised to see a voluminous midi length haircut to take over 2023.
Midi Flick haircut, aka Octopus Haircut in some regions, is a flattering haircut that can be styled in many ways, from straight, to sleek, to fluff up with that oomph. It resembles a classic shag, touching the fine line where effortless meets glamour.
Remember to ask for wispy bangs, merging into the hair length, and keeping the ends long, like the legs of an octopus!

Rachel 2.0

The Rachel 2.0 haircut, popularized by Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green in the TV show “Friends”, became the most iconic hairstyle back in ‘90s. This is finding its major moment even after 30 years, in 2023. This haircut features shorter pieces around the face and longer layers at the back, making it a low-maintenance option many are loving.
This longer layered, with undone texture, and a voluminous shoulder length cut, is back in town with several romantic touches and chic add-ons. Wispy bangs, bouncy layers, an impressive blowout, chunky highlights to even lowlights – are giving this cut a customised touch for every face and personality.

Various Updos

Messy buns and braided updos, bedhead hair tie-ups, all have found their favourite spot in 2023 Hair Trend book. Stylists love updos as they don’t break and are doable in any haircut, hair texture, hair type. They are super durable.
Did-this-in-five-seconds-finish of updos are as much appreciated as the French-braided buns.
While the ‘90s will continue to broadly influence the Hair trends in 2023, stylists have found a way to quirk up each classic haircut to suit every face walking through their door. Professionals at Myrah add to this transformational journey of individuals by enhancing personalities with their chop-chop game.
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